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The organization of an event requires extensive preparations. How do you meet all the conditions and organize a safe event? 

Organizers are looking for solutions to deploy security efficiently and effectively. 

The combination of AI (artificial intelligence), security cameras, sensors and data sources makes smart security also available for smaller and medium-sized events.

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Onze oplossing voor het plannen, uitvoeren en managen van beveiliging en veiligheid op evenementen


A.I. potentially makes a huge contribution to more effective and efficient solutions to security and safety issues, but there are also huge challenges in terms of commitment.

The responsible use of image recognition systems, in which deviating behaviours and risky situations are automatically detected, is just one of the examples of deploying A.I.

plug & play

A.I.-based security and safety technology is already widely used in the event industry. Advanced IT and monitoring systems with optimized cameras and sensors have been set up at large, permanent event locations (such as the Ziggo Dome, for example). But the costs associated with such fixed infrastructure, or the deployment of trained A.I. models, cannot be worn for temporary events. That is why D-Visor developed a reusable, user-friendly and easy to configure platform according to the plug & play principle.


D-Visor develops tailor-made training programs for event organizers, security staff, rescuers, and other involved personnel to set up and use the platform themselves.
D-Visor provides consultancy before, during and after an event, regarding the use of smart AI-driven security platforms and/or the interpretation of data and the distillation of “smart event intelligence” for event organizers, security guards, employees, and (local and provincial) authorities, including policy officers and licensors.

our expertise

The D-Visor team has applied knowledge and experience in the field of advanced AI security engineering.
We combine this expertise with years of knowledge and experience within the international event industry.

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